How To Remove Pto Shaft From Gearbox

Stop if you're using a tool to remove your PTO shaft that isn't working.

A damaged PTO driveshaft or its components might cause a slew of mechanical issues, so don't do it.

This happens when your tractor's PTO spindle and PTO shaft become jammed.

As it turns out, there are a few ways to get around this problem and remove your stubborn PTO.

The procedure for removing a PTO shaft from a tractor will be explained here in this blog post.

How to remove a PTO shaft from a tractor

Here are a few simple ideas in case one of the fixes does not work for you.

1. The lube method

When tractor PTO shafts become jammed due to rust, lubricants can be particularly helpful. Rust will occur if the tractor is left without grease for an extended period of time.

In just a few months, a PTO shaft will begin to corrode.

Here's how it's done:

A few minutes after spraying the shaft with plenty of lubricant, try to pull apart the part that's not cooperating.

In the event that this doesn't work and you've tried everything else, try putting additional oil down there or shooting some grease in.

Wait a few minutes before trying again.

With any luck, it won't put too much stress on it.

You can use a sledge hammer to gently tap the shaft out if it still refuses to come out even after you've sprayed it with oil.

The last chance you have is to use a small amount of heat near the coupler (it could give you modest expansion).

Once again, try to attack the PTO coupling with the heat (a torch would suffice) all around in order to get it moving.

Most of the time, the combination of heat and easy pounding (followed by an abundance of penetrant application) works like a charm.

For this procedure, soaking the shaft in WD40 can help loosen it up a bit. And now that we're here, I must mention that penetrating oils like PB Blaster may take longer to work. Make sure you have enough time to apply and reapply your makeup several times.

How To Remove Pto Shaft From Gearbox

2. The hammer method

Try lightly hammering it with a block of wood to prevent damage and see if it helps free it up.

The blocked PTO shaft can sometimes be loosened by lightly tapping on it.

If this doesn't free the seized PTO shaft, you can try using extra power, such as a hefty hammer, to free it.

Even if your shaft is somewhat distorted, the most reliable approach is to use brute force, but you must exercise extreme caution to avoid damaging the shaft components like the bearings.

3. Pry Bar method to remove PTO shaft stuck on tractor


  1. Expand your working area by removing the pins.
  2. Remove the tractor's PTO shield. You shouldn't have any major issues with it because it isn't rocket science.
  3. Using a long pry bar, or even two of them, you can now gain access. While probing, move them around a bit.
  4. The goal is to dislodge the locking mechanism (usually balls or pins) or force it/them to disengage. The chances are stacked in your favor.
  5. However, if the shaft doesn't come loose, you'll have to settle for the loss of the coupler. '
  6. However, this is a last resort, and it's best to exhaust all other possibilities before turning to this one.
  7. In the event that nothing else works, use a high-quality grinder to cut it until it breaks apart longitudinally. You must be aware that repairing a damaged tractor's PTO gearing is more expensive than simply replacing the coupler or even the complete shaft (a likelihood with some awkward methods).

How to remove a PTO shaft from a tractor : Useful tips

  • It's vital to keep in mind that most of the procedures described here only work provided the PTO shaft is still in good condition and isn't fractured or deformed. When splines are twisted or worn, only drastic treatments will work.
  • Before attempting to remove a PTO shaft from a tractor, shut off the machine. If you ignore this, you put yourself and others at risk for tragic accidents that could result in serious injury or death.
  • Instead of relying on WD40, you can produce your own penetrating oil.

This method calls for the use of lubricating ingredients. An ATF/diesel combination of 50/50 works nicely if it's blended correctly. And it's a great penetration tool as well.

The PTO coupler must not be chained before attempting to wrestle the tractor's shaft out with constant pulling tension (the chain is typically fixed to an immovable object).

This method may work for some people, but it comes with a high degree of risk.

Adding insult to injury, you'll likely wind up with a ruined PTO Shaft and perhaps ruin the tractor.

Before doing any of the instructions, be sure to put on all of the appropriate safety gear. Taking precautions is always preferable to making a mistake.

What does a PTO shaft do?

Your tractor's PTO shaft is critical to its correct operation.

Because of this, the attached equipment won't be able to function at all if the tractor is malfunctioning, since it effectively transfers power from the tractor to the implements in front of it.

That's why following the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines is so important.

Final Thought

In this article, we've learned how to remove a tractor's PTO shaft, and I hope it's made life a little easier for you.

Although there are many DIY options, it's crucial to make an informed decision before making a commitment to any.

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